Saturday, February 28, 2009

Church is NOT Wal-Mart!

I stumbled across this post earlier today. It is a good reminder that sometimes the truth hurts... but it is still the truth.

Fr. Phillip over at Domine, da mihi hanc aquam gives us this great wisdom.
1). The Roman Catholic Church isn't WalMart or Burger King; it's the Body of Christ.

2). Catholic priests, nuns, sisters/brothers and laity aren't employees; we are members of the Body of Christ.

3). The doctrine and dogma of the Catholic Church are not consumer products that the Church's employees sell to those who want them; Catholic doctrine and dogma express the unchanging truth of the faith.

4). Life in a Catholic parish is not a trip to Disney Land or Target or McDonald's where your consumer needs and whims are catered to by the whimpering clergy and lay staff; parish life is the life of Christ for the local Catholic family.

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Thanks for the post, Father!