Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Public Apology...

I never really thought that my first confession would be on my blog. I always thought that I would have the whole time that I was in RCIA to really think up everything. Well, it seems that other than my love for my new faith, I have something else on my mind.

I was a pretty big talker this past election season. I talked to nearly everyone that I came in contact with about voting. I wanted to make sure that they were registered to vote. I wanted to make sure that they were informed about who they were voting for. I wanted them to make sure that they were in line with MY views. For that, I am sorry.

Understand this, I voted for Barack Obama because the man just sounded like he knew. He understood. John McCain was absolutely out of touch. Sarah Palin was out of touch. If they both ran again, with or against each other, in 2012, I would still not vote for them. The difference now, I wouldn't vote for Barack Obama, either. It seems that when something came up about an abortion stance that Obama had, I would make an excuse. If someone raised a question about the money he was wanting to spend, I had an excuse. I cannot believe that I ever had an excuse for something like abortion. I am sick to my stomach as I sit back and watch as Obama makes abortions as easy to get as a happy meal at McDonalds... and I know that while my vote didn't neccesaryily elect him, I know that I enabled his thinking process by letting him believe that it is acceptable.

I see the error of my ways and I am sorry like you wouldn't believe. I still appreciate the historical value of having an African American president and I am happy that it happened in my life. It's something that I am proud of... but when it comes down to the Right to Live - I am not proud. I pray that Barack Obama will understand the implications of allowing the slaughter of 46,000,000 unborn children will have on this nation, this world, and this culture of death.